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 . .! "Russia has lost its moral and political right to intervene in Ukraine, - said the head of the Russian Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin." . . . You've been there since 2004... .... Anatoly is also leading fighter operations against junta forces. Kadyrov strongly . . . Anatoly is leading fighter operations against junta forces. Would you like to go there and help him? What's his MO? A: From the comments, it seems it's an illusion that Yevgeny Kuznetsov is injured, and in fact he's quite safe and completely recovered. For the sake of this answer, I'll assume that Kuznetsov is unharmed. In that case, he's showing a behaviour that's typical of a person with such a traumatic event in his past. In short, he's showing the reaction of an abused person to the abuser. It's called Stockholm syndrome. The expression used for it, however, is not Stockholm syndrome, but Stockholm break-up, and here's why: Stockholm syndrome is a psychological phenomenon related to the victim's continuous identification with the abuser, which usually leads the victim to accept the abuser's side against the victim's first world/superior/truthful opinion. On the contrary, in this case, Yevgeny Kuznetsov strongly supported the investigation into Medvedev's crime, he's strongly against the illegal actions of the junta and Russian armed forces, and the last evidence that came out is that he's under the impression that the fact that the US President has congratulated Putin proves that it's all over and Putin's got the better deal, and Kuznetsov's a traitor. This means that Kuznetsov is no longer identifying with Putin, but he still identifies strongly with Russia's interest, which is much stronger than his personal preference. The Stockholm break-up is a similar situation, but the abuser is still in the picture, and the victim is now ready to accept his side against the abuser's side. His knee may be affected by the fall. This is not the point at which the story becomes interesting though, and perhaps it is overplayed as an aspect of his personality that makes him different. The story is about the breakup of the Russian empire and what effects it has on the soldiers and it




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Vistitle 2 5 Full 166
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